The Stories

We're delving deep into the city's running community by examining cross sections of its most dissimilar parts. We'll visit groups comprised largely of immigrants, who face daily adversity beyond just scheduling in a run, groups who have watched their home tracks become the epicenter of their neighborhood's gentrification, groups who are comprised of the city's elite who forego the racketball court for the roads, groups who are coached by legendary New York City running icons, and more.

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West Side Runners

A group consisting primarily of immigrants, many of whom make their living off the prize money they earn from races.  These are some of the fastest runners in the region, but also some of the worst off, financially.   Some of the athletes who can't afford housing even live with the team's president, Bill Staab, in his apartment.                                          

New York Athletic Club

NYAC is a historic New York club whose members include some of the most elite in the city, both athletically and socio-economically.  We will explore the different roles tradition plays in this club's long history and current place in the national running circle.  

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McCarren Park

When most people think of Brooklyn, they think of Williamsburg.  We will use McCarren Park as a lens to examine the rapid changes occurring in Brooklyn, and check in with the different people who use the park, including The Williamsburg Track Club and North Brooklyn Runners.          

Staten Island

We'll visit the oft-ignored borough of Staten Island, where runners with a chip on their shoulder trail rain or shine with hopes of bringing glory to their rarely respected home turf.

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Francis “Gags” Gagliano

Born in the Bronx, Gags is a legendary figure in the running community who has established himself as one of the greatest middle distance coaches in the country.  He is currently the head coach of the NJ★NY Track Club.  We will take a look at his legacy throughout the running community, from the teams he coached, to the coaches who ran under his guidance.