Harry McFann

Director/Editor/DP: Harry McFann ran track and studied film at Columbia University. While there, he ran a personal best of 1:47 in the 800, was an All-American, and won multiple conference titles. He is based in New York City, and continues to be part of the running community there. As a freelance videographer he has worked on projects ranging from pieces for The Yes Network to promotional material for a Broadway show.  


Paul Snyder

Producer/Creator: Paul Snyder is a freelance writer, currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, but with every intention to relocate back to the City in a year's time. His work's been featured in Running Times and Meter Magazine, and he's currently a staff writer for Citius Mag. He was teammates with Harry at Columbia, but was much slower. He loves writing about New York and running, and has been wanting to work on a project like this one for years.


Gus Reed

Additional Photography: Gus Reed and Harry have worked on numerous projects together over the years.  A videographer specializing in dance, he has created video for organizations including Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, New York City Ballet Education, and The George Balanchine Foundation.   


Vincent Oppido

Music Composer: Vincent Oppido holds a BA and MM in Music from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and a Graduate Certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.  Vinny has scored numerous films, some of which have screened at film festivals around the world, including Charlie Joe’s Hotel Motel (Hollywood Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival - nominated for Best Short Film), Cineastes (Greek Film Festival), and Lovely Day (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival), Panofsky’s Complaint (winner of Best Score in ‘Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood’).